• F2S CT-4.12

F2S CT-4.12

Skill builder training target designed for both carbine and pistol training with dual bullseyes.
Size 22" x 34.75"
Priced per 100


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Product Name
F2S CT-4.12

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The LTT-1 sold in packages of 100 targets.

Light weight Buff colored NRA Target Paper Size 18" X 25"


The Langdon Tactical Pistol Skills target was designed to allow shooters and firearms instructors to shoot several drills and or several relays without having to change targets.  The design is a collaboration between Ernest Langdon and John M. from the LA Sheriff's SEB team.  The 2" dots are there to privide fundamental accuracy drills that can be run at closer distances.  The 2" dots can also be used for standard multiple shot trigger control drills.  The B-8 Bull's Eye also privides an 8" cicle area by using the 8 ring.  This can be used to provide a larger aiming area for speed work at closer distances as well as the large aiming area for drills like "3, 2,1".  The 4" circle with the 1" square in the middle provide the additional aiming areas for "3,2,1" as well as making a great zero target even for scoped rifles and red dot optics.  Your imagination is the only limit with this target and it is easy to get in a several hundred round practice session without changing targets.


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